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Rights and obligations
Terms of use up
In order to use our services you have to submit certain information. This is the reason you should get acquainted with the terms of use of You have to be at least 18 years of age. The registration and the access to the site content by people under 18 years of age are strictly forbidden. By ticking off “I do confirm that I am at least 18 years of age” and “I do confirm I have read and agreed with the rights and obligations of” and by clicking on “Click here to register” button you become a registered user and you declare that you are aware of and understand the “Rights and obligations” of the present site and you agree to be bound by the terms of use of the present site.
Your information up
The information you submit is highly protected. We gather information which is stored in computers. By this declaration you agree to submit this information in order to create your personal profile You agree to maintain the content of your profile in conformity with the terms of the present site. You IP address and your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

Confidentiality and personal data protection policy of
Registration up
Each user of has to register by filling in a registration form in which he submits the required information. You are obliged to submit true and complete information about yourself as well as to duly maintain it in order to keep it accurate, true and complete. You hereby declare that you bare full responsibility in case of submitting false, inaccurate or incomplete information. Once you have registered you have the right to view or edit your information at any time. We gather the following information from your registration:
  • personal: age, gender, interests. etc.
  • non personal: browser, URL, etc.
We shall use this information to deliver our services to you. Under no circumstances shall this information be revealed to third parties except in cases when required by law. Part of this information is published in your profile on the site with your consent. You agree that part of this information may be used for marketing purposes and statistics of You agree to receive commercial messages from on your registration e-mail. Upon registration you submit username and password and you declare that you are entirely responsible for their use as well as in cases where you submit them to a third party. If and to the extent You become aware that third parties are misusing your account You can change your password. You shall bare the entire responsibility of keeping your username and password confidential and you shall be liable for all actions carried out under your registration.
Upon registration we gather enough information to confirm your age. Becoming a user you declare that you are at least 18 years of age. However we cannot guarantee that all our users are at least 18 years of age. Users who are under the required minimum of age shall be liable for their actions.
Rights and obligations of the parties up
By registering and becoming a user of the present site you hereby agree:
  1. You are liable for the content of the information you have submitted for yourself and revealed to the other users of
  2. You shall not distribute any insulting, indecent, sexual orientated, threatening, aggressive or racial orientated information, any illegal or other materials which include violence to a third party. Please duly inform us if you confront violation of the above terms. You shall not coerce or go after users of the present site
  3. You shall use our services in compliance with any applicable laws. You declare that you will not publish in your profile any addresses, telephone numbers, names, urls, email addresses, ICQ numbers, sexual references or any other sexual offers to a third party and that you will not send photos or other pictures that represent porn materials and will not export personal information.
  4. You shall not identify yourself as another person.
  5. You shall not bind with commercials or announcements of other users of to buy or sell products/services through our services. You shall not send spam, junk or emails to other users.
  6. You shall not gather personal information of other users for commercial purposes without their explicit consent.
  7. You shall not send or distribute any materials whatsoever protected by copyright, trade marks or distribute any other information without the explicit consent of the owner of these materials./li>
  8. You shall not interfere or damage the services of, the server, the server net or the site.
  9. You shall not send or distribute any materials whatsoever which contain software viruses or other computer codes, files, programs which enter, destroy or limit the functioning of the computer software or hardware. Please inform us if you have noticed any of the above illegal actions.
  10. You shall not edit titles or alter any part of without our explicit consent.
  11. You are personally responsible for any relationships with other users of is not and shall not be involved in the communication and actions among the users. With the view of the above if a conflict arises between users you shall release us of any responsibility in case of claims, complaints or claims for damages or any kind of legal proceedings whatsoever. has the right but not the obligation to supervise the communication between you and the other users.
  12. You shall undertake to keep us posted on any losses, damages or liabilities that directly or indirectly have arisen in connection with this present agreement. You agree not to send materials to us or to other users that violate the copyrights, trade marks, trade secrets or other forms of intellectual property or third parties’ rights.
  13. The information and photos which you have published on the site can be used and published in any interfaces of
We declare that:
  1. All your statements are not supported by us.
  2. We are not liable for damages or injuries that are consequence of any information which has been published on the site by us or by you.
  3. has the right but not the obligation to supervise the materials sent through the server. has the right but not the obligation to remove any materials that are considered as a form of violence against any of our users.
  4. has the right to determine the duration of storage of messages.
  5. has the right to discontinue the delivery of all or part of the services without any obligations to the users.
  6. We do nor guarantee that the information on is useful and complete and we shall not be liable for damages resulting from the fact that any of our users has been misleaded by information or other content on the site.
  7. It is possible that you can be affected when users or none users transmit materials through the server. It is possible that someone can get information about yourself by getting access to the server and to use it against you. For this reason shall not be responsible for the use of the personal information which you have decided to publish. Please choose carefully the type of information you publish on the server.
Elmaz Extra up
Elmaz Extra is additional prepaid package service of The use of Elmaz Extra is not compulsory but voluntary. The activation of the service is not a prerequisite for the existence of the client’s profile and is not bound with the use of the other free services in the site. All additional services included in Elmaz Extra, and the ways of Elmaz Extra activation, prices and terms and period of validity of the service are described on " Elmaz Extra " page.
Delete registration up
Any user can delete his registration in with reason or no reason by following the instructions in the site. Upon registration you renounce your rights in the site. shall have no obligation to recover your registration. In order to delete your account, please, click on the link "Services" -> "Delete account" in the Account section and follow the instructions
Web site content up
Options, advices, announcements and other information on the site cannot be copied.
Relations with third parties up may contain external links to other pages or Internet resources. We do not control the information on such Web pages and we are not responsible for the contents and information given thereon.
Copyright up
The logo, the content and other elements of the site are sole ownership of You shall undertake not to copy, modify, publish, transmit or sell any information whatsoever governed by our copyright.
Limitation of liability up shall not be liable for casual events, consequences or indirect damages. (including but not limiting loss of information, programs, etc). shall not be liable for any topographic errors.
Site modifications up
All changes shall be announced on the site or by e-mail. We shall have the right to:
  1. Change the site content and the terms of the present Declaration at any time and without any notice.
  2. Change the site content
  3. Remove links without any notice
  4. Remove user announcements after expiration of the relative term.
  5. Remove user announcements in case we consider the information does not comply with the above terms. In such case the client loses all rights in the site. has no obligation to recover the registration.
Contacts up
As per art.4 of the Law for Online trading
Commercial entity: "SINERA BG" LTD is a commercial entity registered in The Commercial Register at The Entry Agency
UIC: 103980070
ID number as per VAT Law: BG103980070
Address of registration: Bulgaria, Varna, 84 “General Gurko” Str.
Commercial address: Bulgaria, Varna, str. Hadzhi Dimitar 41, et. 3, ap. 5
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