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Privacy Policy of dating website

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Each user of has to register by filling in a registration form in which he submits the required information. You are obliged to submit true and complete information about yourself as well as to duly maintain it in order to keep it accurate, true and complete. You hereby declare that you bare full responsibility in case of submitting false, inaccurate or incomplete information. Once you have registered you have the right to view or edit your information at any time. We gather the following information from your registration:
  1. personal: age, gender, interests. etc.
  2. non personal: browser, URL, etc.
We shall use this information to deliver our services to you. Under no circumstances shall this information be revealed to third parties except in cases when required by law. Part of this information is published in your profile on the site with your consent. You agree that part of this information may be used for marketing purposes and statistics of You agree to receive commercial messages from on your registration e-mail. Upon registration you submit username and password and you declare that you are entirely responsible for their use as well as in cases where you submit them to a third party. If and to the extent You become aware that third parties are misusing your account You can change your password. You shall bare the entire responsibility of keeping your username and password confidential and you shall be liable for all actions carried out under your registration. Upon registration we gather enough information to confirm your age. Becoming a user you declare that you are at least 18 years of age. However we cannot guarantee that all our users are at least 18 years of age. Users who are under the required minimum of age shall be liable for their actions. Upon deleting the registration removes from its database all your contact details for the reason that you stop receiving e-mails from us further. Any user can delete his registration in with reason or no reason by following the instructions in the site. Upon registration you renounce your rights in the site. shall have no obligation to recover your registration. In order to delete your account, please, click on the link "Services" -> "Delete account" in the Account section and follow the instructions
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