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List of women

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Name Age City Zodiac sign Height Weight Photo
Ivanka Hristova 51 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Leo  cm  kg no
jazz jaggers 34 years
Basildon Scorpio 150 cm 44 kg no
Sarah Hansen 36 years
Greenwich Cancer 170 cm 80 kg no
Christiana Speer 31 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Virgo 162 cm 65 kg yes
Yana Dimitrova 32 years
Brighton Cancer  cm  kg no
david white 56 years
Sutton Taurus  cm  kg no
Blessing Abraham 28 years
Newtownards Capricorn  cm  kg no
Sisla Montes 39 years
Aberdeen Scorpio 168 cm 59 kg no
Blessing Abraham 28 years
Newtownstewart Capricorn 163 cm 40 kg no
Kristine Adams 41 years
Bexley Cancer 163 cm 98 kg no
Donna Richard 39 years
London Borough of Newham Aries 155 cm 65 kg yes
levi levi 33 years
Dronfield Rd Gemini  cm  kg no
Sharon Morrison 35 years
Basildon Virgo 150 cm 57 kg no
Vesela MORLEY 40 years
Welwyn Garden City Gemini 165 cm 58 kg yes
Donald Chris 51 years
Basildon Leo  cm  kg no
Faith Michael 33 years
Basildon Cancer 160 cm 50 kg no
Sunniya Kammie 25 years
Basildon Aries 150 cm 40 kg no
Elmaz Elmaz 79 years
Basildon Capricorn 150 cm 40 kg no
Ganew Abdul 23 years
Hammersmith Scorpio  cm  kg no
Samantha Cullens 28 years
Basildon Aries 167 cm 70 kg no
Stacy Real 33 years
Basildon Libra  cm  kg no
haji keta 33 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Aries  cm  kg no
deizi marinova 41 years
Basildon Capricorn  cm  kg no
Freeman George 56 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Virgo 178 cm 42 kg no
kirstein lee 30 years
Greenwich Capricorn  cm  kg no
valera beauty 25 years
Basildon Leo 150 cm 40 kg no
megan Adams 51 years
Colchester Leo 158 cm 63 kg no
Jerry Collins 58 years
Basildon Virgo 150 cm 68 kg no
Ora Ku 30 years
Basildon Sagittarius  cm  kg no
Ora Ku 30 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Sagittarius  cm  kg no
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