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List of women

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Name Age City Zodiac sign Height Weight Photo
Vasileva Zdravcheto 38 years
London Borough of Brent Virgo 174 cm 40 kg yes
Rodica Nane 64 years
London Borough of Brent Gemini 165 cm 58 kg yes
Виржиния Видинска 54 years
Croydon Leo 168 cm 75 kg yes
Wesley good 54 years
South Lodge Leo 161 cm 40 kg yes
Brenda Harrison 35 years
London Borough of Brent Leo  cm  kg no
silvi valk 48 years
london Sagittarius 158 cm 50 kg yes
Van diana 35 years
Basildon Virgo 169 cm 54 kg yes
Efe efe 41 years
London Borough of Camden Libra 166 cm 53 kg no
Svetla Asenova 34 years
Ealing Capricorn 165 cm 65 kg yes
dolsineia dolsi 36 years
Croydon Sagittarius 172 cm 75 kg yes
joy munt 39 years
Oldham Scorpio 177 cm 51 kg yes
Edna Jena 41 years
Telford Virgo 164 cm 70 kg no
Oksana Triss 34 years
Basildon Aries 170 cm 57 kg yes
Darina Dimitrova 35 years
Bromley Capricorn  cm  kg no
GOLD Zl 53 years
Grays Sagittarius 172 cm 55 kg yes
Iva Staneva 54 years
Barking & Dagenham Bulldogs RLFC Pisces 152 cm 45 kg yes
dari ivanova 61 years
camberley Pisces 172 cm 69 kg yes
Rosica Vasileva 59 years
london Cancer 168 cm 69 kg yes
anna antonova 36 years
london Pisces 172 cm 52 kg yes
daniela georgieva 45 years
london Cancer 167 cm 65 kg no
Elizabeth Velikova 37 years
Madrid Scorpio 162 cm 55 kg yes
Diana Richard 34 years
Basildon Capricorn  cm  kg yes
mina andonova 61 years
london Aries 168 cm 62 kg no
Malinka Milka 44 years
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Capricorn 167 cm 55 kg no
Gladys Martin 45 years
London Borough of Camden Sagittarius 160 cm 71 kg yes
Snejana S 59 years
Kent Libra 164 cm 57 kg yes
Elza Toneva 51 years
london Scorpio 164 cm 66 kg yes
Jivka zdravkova 44 years
london Aries 158 cm 53 kg yes
Brantley Dennis 36 years
London Borough of Newham Scorpio 172 cm 55 kg yes
gore amalia 54 years
Basildon Leo 166 cm 67 kg yes
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