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Why is it important to love yourself, to have a happy relationship

Dec 18, 2014|

When you love yourself, you will never going to abuse yourself. You are going to take care of yourself peacefully, timely and without exaggerate, or without treat yourself with endless deprivation.

Why is it important to love yourself

You will treat your sweetheart the same way.

Who loves, values and respects himself, will behave the same with peoples around him.

If you hate yourself you can’t love others, because love and hatred are two completely opposite feelings. In your heart there is only place for one of them, but not for both.

To love yourself means to accept who you are, respect and take care for yourself and your needs. That doesn’t mean to have excessive pride or consider yourself perfect and to not distinguish your flaws, but try calmly and confidently overcome them.

If you do not love yourself and you do not know how to express love to yourself, how you express your love to your partner? Your mate will never feel truly loved and will always feel that something is missing. And you will not realize this and think you do all that is needed and not even suspect why your sweetheart resents sometimes.

It is very thin, however, the boundary between loving yourself and overestimate yourself. Many authors, including Louise Hay in his popular book "Heal Your Life" indicate that self-love begins with never and with any reason, to not criticize yourself in any way. This may be interpreted incorrectly. For example, the unprepared reader may assume that it is ideal in all cases. Thus, instead of self-love could develop arrogance toward others, including to his mate in love. This will destroy everything good in the relationship and its dissolution will be only a matter of time.

It is very difficult to make a difference. We can give you some benchmarks against which to guide but everyday judgments you have to do yourself.


You love yourself:

If you take care of yourself

If you finish the work, when it is good for you

If you can enjoy from the heart of the blue sky

If you have a healthy and joyful relationship with the people you call your friends

If joy prevails in your life

If you are grateful for what you have

If your day starts with a smile

If you have at least two reasons to be truly happy every day




You do not love yourself:

If you excessively overeating or excessively starving. In both cases you are trying to destroy yourself

If you haven’t taking any care of yourself

If you overestimate yourself and think you're always right, with the result of that comes out the others are always wrong

If you constantly criticize others

If when you know that something is good for you, you don’t do it

If you’re having little joy in your life

If you’re having little joy in your relationships with people

If you constantly complain



Louise Hay advised to repeat the affirmation "I approve of myself" 400 times a day for a month. Try it! You'll get amazing results.

It is unclear whether the effect comes from the effect of the mere claim or emptying the mind of unnecessary thoughts as a result of deliberate mental focus, but the effect is undeniable.


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