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How to make my wife to love me more

Dec 15, 2014|

Every man wants his wife to be madly in love with him, to take care of him all the time, to have great sex with her, to think all the time about how to please her husband and a lot more. Is this possible? Of course. Especially at the beginning of the relationship and in particular during the first two years. Then you both are still madly in love with each other, your passion burns and the only thing you care about is how to have more time together, glued to each other in bed, at the table, everywhere.

How to make my wife to love me more


However time flies, the first two years have passed and the passion has began to cool down. You start to notice the drawbacks of the other person that previously have made no impression on you. But you want to save your relationship. You want the woman not to bother you, to respect and cherish you, to seek for your affection and everything be as it was in the beginning, if maybe more. Then read on. We will not give you a pile of unnecessary information but will briefly introduce you the three main pillars of love: respect, friendship and passion and you will learn how to manage them.

If you have respect and friendship you are friends. If you only have passion, you are lovers. If you have all three: respect, friendship and passion, you have love. Love is a foundation of a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

If there is only passion and it disappears, the couple won’t meet anymore. If there is also respect, and friendship, and passion, and the passion is gone, after breaking up the two people remain friends and maintain good relations. Or they don’t break up, and remain together, but they will always feel that something is missing, as it is in the majority of the relationships between partners who reach old age. So after a while passion may again flare up.

Respect is your assessment of the qualities and skills that your partner has. To develop respect for your wife, stop criticizing, blaming, grumbling. Look for what is good in her. And stick to it. If you do so, she will also begin to respect you.

Friendship is based on trust and good communication. Communicate with each other. We live a busy every day life and time is always insufficient. But it’s on us to find time for the important things in life. Spare some of your precious personal time to spend with your wife and she will thank you for that. But do not wait much because time goes by quickly. If you do it too late, you risk someone else to give her of his own time. Then, even if you realize that she is the woman of your life, you can not get her back.

Passion is an expression of attraction between two bodies. But passion is an expression of mental attraction also. However, physical and mental worlds are interconnected. This explains why you can experience compelling and burning desire for a partner whose physical body you really do not like. What attracts you is your partner’s will or the match in the internal mental models between you. The stronger the will and the mental similarity, the more powerful the passion. The passion based on the mental attraction is more durable and has greater chances to survive and evolve over time. The pure physical attraction disappears quickly if you just liked the body.

According to a large number of different statistical surveys and analyzes the passion starts to cool down after the second year of the relationship, if both partners do not make any efforts to keep the spark alive. It is the time when many relationships fall apart or the rate of infidelity dramatically increases. This happens often because the time during which the relationship is managed by the passion between the partners, it is not used for building the other two elements of love, namely, respect and friendship. But everybody is looking for them in a relationship, consciously or not, but these are archetypal patterns and can not be circumvented. And if he does not find them in the relationship he starts to feel dissatisfied, begins to tease the partner and to require things that are not at all important in a relationship. Even if only one of the elements breaks up, the love vanishes.

Usually men have more expressed sex desire and want sex more than women. The woman in order to meet these growing sex needs must feel the presence of all three elements in the relationship. She must feel respected; must have a friendly relationship with her partner, she can trust him; and can feel the passion in the eyes of her partner. If anything is missing, the woman begins to feel unwanted and then gradually loses the desire for sex and the passion disappears. The man usually finds another woman and the relationship falls apart or transforms into a state of tolerance. In all cases there is dissatisfaction. The man starts to feel that he is not loved. The happiness at this stage is absolutely excluded. All the time the partners are both overwhelmed with thoughts of resentment, jealousy, rage, anger, frustration, longing for something missing, etc.

In the basis of the crumbling relationships stays the gradually fading woman’s desire. The reason for this, however, is entirely because of the man. At the beginning of the relationship the man does anything to impress the woman, and she likes it. Once she is "his" and enough time has passed, the man becomes lazy and starts to think that everything is in his pocket and stops to woo the woman as he has done at the beginning of the relationship. He does this consciously or unconsciously. This is an imposed subconscious model in society and men in most cases unconsciously adhere to it. Deviation from accepted norms makes people different, but most people tend to fit into the norms. But the norms do not allow the love that you are looking for. Therefore, to get more love, true love, you must escape the norms. Or as Norbekov says success means getting out of the "normal citizen" concept. So automatically the term "macho" is associated with the absence of love. It is better to make an effort to keep the love in your relationship than at the slightest discrepancy with what you want or expect to start cheating. Love is in the monogamous relationships. To be with a lot of women can raise you in the eyes of many men, but will not make you happier. Nothing can bring back the scattered mental energy. Because sex is a mental act rather than physical.

So men, if you want the woman to love you more: respect her; be her friend; show her desire and passion. Flatter her constantly and don’t let her play with you! And if she responds with respect, friendship and passion, then you have achieved love!


Category: Relationships
Tags: woman , wife , love , husband , more love
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